City of Pomona Selects ArcGIS Hub Site to Promote Local Community Service Providers

9/1/2023 – The City of Pomona Neighborhood Services Department has chosen ArcGIS Hub Site to promote service providers within the City limits. In early September the City will be mailing out a survey for service providers to submit their organization for approval to be included within the Hub Site on the City’s website. Within the site, authenticated community providers can analyze demographic data to find gaps in their services within the city. Residents can visit the Hub Premium Site to filter to find services by age, type of service, and location within the city. Events are configured for use to allow community providers to fill out a survey and schedule an event and for resident to sign up. Draw Tap GIS plans to demo this new Community Hub Site at the Mayor’s Task Force meeting scheduled for September 27, 2023. More information to come.

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