Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Patrick has consistently provided reliable mapping services and high-quality products all in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Draw Tap GIS.

Senior Planner

“Draw Tap GIS provides professional, timely, thoughtful, and collaborative mapping solutions to the Pomona Planning Division. Their work is critical to most of our key initiatives.”

Planning Manager

“I am not experienced with GIS, so often don’t know how to ask for what I need or if it’s even possible. Patrick is always patient with me and somehow seems to be able to decipher what to do for my projects in spite of my poor direction! His responsiveness is way above my expectations and he has always met our timeframes, even with many short turn-around times. I can’t say enough good things about working with Patrick and Draw Tap GIS.”


“My firm has been extremely pleased to be able to work with Draw Tap GIS, and their understanding of our field of work greatly enhances the quality of their work and the relationship.”

Principal Planner

“Great response and communication while problem solving the issue!”

Police Dispatch Manager

“I highly recommend Patrick Ward for any GIS efforts. Patrick had worked for me as a GIS specialist, administrator, and manager. He has since become the principal owner at Draw Tap GIS and I have since hired Patrick as a consultant and value his work ethic and GIS expertise.”

Information Technology Director

“I had the pleasure of working with Patrick on multiple projects together. Throughout our working relationship, I found Patrick to be a great leader with a positive attitude and innovative ideas. He always took the time from his busy schedule to personally assist his colleagues and his advice and guidance has allowed me to grow professionally, as well as personally. He goes the extra mile to get his project done and he has successfully implemented multiple GIS applications to utilities across the U.S.”

Information Technology Business Systems Specialist

“I had the privilege of working with Patrick on many GIS related projects for the Police Department. He did not fail me a single time and was always ready to assist me on any requests. I was always impressed with his depth of knowledge and he was always eager to explain and, if need be, teach. He is an asset to any company, for sure.”

Administrative Support to the Captain and Civilian Division Commander

“Patrick was the Senior GIS Specialist providing GIS technical support, server configurations and overall trouble-shooting and services support. He provided technical direction for expansion and upgrades for all the ESRI installations, upgrade, vendor support along with the crucial and critical GIS production environment management. He maintains his composure in a hectic environment that existed in this production facility and is always available for service evaluation and problem resolutions when they occur. He is a pleasure to work with, bringing his focused attention to detail on every project assigned to him. His communication and people skills are excellent, and he has provided innovative GIS environment management and monitoring ideas which we have integrated into our customer support and services model. I can highly recommend him for any GIS management or technical opportunity that he is a part of. I know he will succeed at any challenge that presents itself in a development and/or support role and he is technically well versed and very talented. Everyone who has worked with him has the highest regard for his work ethic and his performance is exemplary resulting in his ability to become a key asset to any production support and management team.”

Information Technology Program Manager

“Patrick is a customer focused GIS Professional with strong project management and technical skills. Working with Patrick was a fun and rewarding experience that helped to empower and enhance my skills as well as the others in our department and the rest of the City as a whole.”

Information Technology Systems Professional

“Patrick offers professional and innovative GIS solutions for the Water and Wastewater Operations Division of Public Works. He constantly improves the burgeoning citywide GIS applications. He truly is a valuable team member.”

Senior Water Resources Engineer