Esri UC 2018 – Homeless Encampment Cleanup and Outreach

July 16, 2018 – On Tuesday July 10th, Patrick Ward, Draw Tap GIS President, presented a session at the 2018 Esri User Conference in collaboration with the City of Pomona, CA. Patrick educated the attendees on the Homeless Encampment Cleanup and Outreach project, which is a collaborative effort between Public Works, Community Outreach, and the Police Department. Draw Tap has facilitated this project and the City of Pomona is now using the ArcGIS Platform to address the homelessness issue affecting the City. Survey123, Operations Dashboard, and Workforce for ArcGIS allow end users in the field to conduct interviews of homeless individuals, to manage inventory and storage of personal property, to identify and clean up illegally built encampments, to track mental health and social service linkages, and to track equipment and employees. This innovative approach demonstrates true collaboration between City departments and maximizes the use of GIS technology to increase efficiency in addressing the needs of the community.

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