Draw Tap GIS Contracts with the City of Pomona, CA

July 2, 2018 – Draw Tap GIS is excited to announce that the Pomona City Council has awarded our organization a three-year contract for Geographic Information System (GIS) professional services. Draw Tap will provide GIS project management, system administration, spatial analysis, and map production to the Information Technology Department, in support of all City departments. John DePolis, Pomona’s Director of Information Technology, stated, “Draw Tap GIS and Esri technology have enabled multi-departmental collaboration through the use of GIS from the office and in the field.” Draw Tap is dedicated to continuing to support the City of Pomona’s mission to improve the quality of life for the diverse community.

About Draw Tap GIS

Draw Tap GIS is an Esri Business Partner and has over 13 years of experience in Enterprise GIS with various local government, public safety, and utility agencies. President and Chief Operations Officer of Draw Tap GIS, Patrick Ward, holds a Master of Science in GIS from the University of Redlands, is certified by the GIS Certification Institute as a Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP), and is also Esri Certified as an ArcGIS Desktop and Enterprise Administration Associate. Patrick specializes in Web GIS design, implementation, administration, training, and requirements gathering. For more information about our agency and professional services please visit our website DrawTapGIS.com or email us at support@drawtapgis.com.

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